It’s the year 2015, happy new year everybody!
After a few stops and starts, and a couple of road blocks encountered and stumbled upon
In writing again in this blog,
I guess I could say,
I am now back on track!

Still got until year 2016 enduring
The construction on I-15.
It’s all looking good
Soon we never have to worry of
Cars that always seem to hurry.
Be wary of trucks, though, that get in our way,
To protect our safety and swerve one must be ready to (better, safer option: stay in lane and hit the brakes),
Avoid a catastrophic mess we all try,
If only we follow the posted signs.

Never mind the snow, or the rain that keep pounding on the window, while our wipers frantically keeping up (provided it works).
Never mind the wind that keep us tilted,
We all got to get out there,
Hopefully to make a difference.

A goal is set,
A promise to keep.
If a planner be needed,
Please do check out another blogger’s site
On making creatively cute stuff,
So click this link to Holly Sosa’s blog.

After making the planner,
Get back in here
Cos finish I must,
This prediction speech I have.

Can’t guarantee it’ll be a bump-free ride,
Nor a somber or a hell-raiser drive.
I do, however, promise a wobbly, rickety journey
With mirthfulness, a high probability.
I write to endeavour and scour amongst the classes to provide you the best seat.
Pardon my French, however, as I utter,
Profanities I shall try to keep to myself,
For we are all in this together,
Us – Cajon Pass Commuters.