For the last two weeknights, on the way home, there have been surprises.

I have favourite lanes. Lanes two and three. The fast lane and the truck lanes, I dislike. Fast lane has uneven paving while truck lane’s too wobbly.

Complications start from the I- 215 & I-15 merging. Then after passing the trucks-merging hurdle, it’s the 138 Scales northbound onwards.

Always be prepared.

It’s the final round.

So at night, when the road signs say, “Left Lanes Closed” or
“3 Right Lanes Closed”

(You know, they shuffle these signs everytime!)

These should not be a surprise at all.
After all, we are and have been well aware of the construction going on.

Still. It’s a drag.

Changing lanes – dislike ’em too.

Notice after all that drama of changing lanes, road is all wide open again?! Huh? What just happened back there?


Today is Friday..

It’ll be traffic again going home! Lol

So, put your groove on. Put your best music on.

And of course, for me – I got my party socks on!


Happy Friday and be safe.
Have a great weekend!