Eleven o’clock says the clock. I worked late again.
Dropped me off to my lone car in the parking lot.
How I wish you could help me clear the knots in my stomach tightening, before I face my husband unsatisfying.

Will you miss me when you see the full moon?
Fleshy and full bosoms with skin as luminescent?
And as you caress my scarf, dreaming of you and me, catch a whiff of my scent,
Doesn’t that make you wish we were celebrating our honeymoon instead?

Every morning you pick me up at the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga station,
Forgoing the train,
Riding instead in your red, hip pick-up truck,
Beats lottery awinning six million bucks!

We get coffee or Icee, depending on the weather.
So happy together.
Giggle at the little stolen, fleeting moments shared. We then grab lunch, we talk.
We have to be careful, though, of people who stalk.

Excuses carefully executed.
Timing be perfected.
We knew only each other,
Long after we promised ourselves to another.

This Valentine’s day, though, we vow to see to it,
That our love be celebrated.
We need to slip away this weekend and come back to our respective other halves, on the ninth or the tenth, perhaps?

It need not be on the V-Day itself, otherwise,
Suspicions and eye brows may arise.

We can say a business meeting forgotten to pencil in.
I’ll pretend to be sad but inside I’m jumping with joy that I can squeeze it in.

Oh how happy weekend this will be!

But alas, my love, we cannot be together long!

For the freeway I-15 South’ll be closed on February 9th, eleven pm to 6am.
And on February 10th, I-15North is closed from ten to six am!

Oh no!

When are we gonna be free?

So much for this epigram! Oh, we will find another way, then, my lil lamb!

We will find another way…

*Disclaimer: Author does not invite, encourage nor engage in these activities. Characters purely fictional and coincidental. *