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It’s only been eight and a half hours since I came home last night. Now it’s back into the fray once more.

A ‘Trying Tuesday’, that’s what is was yesterday.

How do I even begin?

Tuesday started out quiet. Freeway was open. No accidents. Train was on time.

Then at work, it was busy. Boss was even grumpy with no ‘thank you’ to impart (the usual).

Managed to get to Union Station in time for my 5:45pm train. But wait, every platform entrance has Metrolink representatives in them with crowds gathered around. Uh-oh. This looks bad. But it looks like they’ve got it under control. Whew!

Got to my usual platform, 7B, only to be told the San Bernardino train is on 14B. That’s fine. I walked fast to 14B thinking I’ve only a few minutes to spare before its departure.

14B. Chaos. No train. Lots lots of people. Confused-looking people (me included).

Train was coming. When its doors opened, a rep shouted, “This is not going to San Bernardino! Go to 9B!”



Felt everyone moved and turned to the nearest exit. A small stampede was forming. Got pushed. Shoved. Stepped on. Again and again.

These people! Aargh!

Platform 9B.
Big crowd waiting. No train. No lights. We were in the dark. Literally and figuratively.

Everyone was looking around at everybody. As if searching for reassurance – and confirmation that we are indeed waiting at the CORRECT platform.

No rep was there. Probably afraid of getting punched at.

A train was coming. Just then security came walking and started saying something to another passenger but only managed to hear, ‘Orange County’ from him.

I asked loudly, “Where did you say this train is going to?” He mumbled. A guy in front of him said, “San Bernardino”.

Literally heard a sigh of relief from everybody.

I was talking to this man who, takes the Riverside Line but, is taking the San Bernardino because of a train derailment on the Ventura County Line. For some reason, they share a line. Don’t know for sure, too tired to look it up. Luckily, he’s got a son in Rancho Cucamonga who can give him a ride back to his car in Ontario (Riverside Line) where he parked it.

He said he got in his usual train at 4:55pm and were ready to leave. Just then the conductor announced that everybody had to get off the train. Train couldn’t pass through.

No bus bridges offered either. Pretty much like this:



Got to Rancho Cucamonga station – about 40minutes later than usual.

Then freeway I-15 South.


Naturally, I kept to the right.


Kenwood. Sign says, “2 RIGHT LANES CLOSED. MERGE LEFT. ”


Bit of relief from the crawling.

From the 138 scales to Summit was crazy slow. Once on the Summit, I was greeted by the sign, “2 LEFT LANES CLOSED. ”

Whoa! What is this?


Let’s see who can keep up with this game!!!

By the time I came home I was wiped out.


.. And I broke down..

It’s Wednesday and we’re just getting into the middle of the week.

So today, I pick up the pieces and start again.