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Feet off the seats would be appropriate.
Wouldn’t want to sit where
Somebody else’s feet had been,
Who knows where those shoes had been steppin’?

Eating in the Metrolink train is fine with me.
Even in the subway trains, though, prohibited,
I’ll leave you be.
Hunger need be satisfied.
Grumble of the tummy is
Something I don’t want or feel either.
As long as everything is thrown away,
Yes, that would be a breather.

Hog not all the electrical outlets.
Ok, I see you have all the gadgets.
New you got this last Christmas,
From iPhones to iPads, complete with the Apple watch and the Google glasses.
But leave one socket for me open,
I, too, have a phone to charge before my station stop passes.

So I see we have different taste in music.
I need not know your favorite thump hump,
Nor your rap-a-pump-pump.
Put your earphones on cos I’d really rather not hear it,
Especially when I see your saliva spittlin’.

I know the train can be a squeeze with
Three or four bags you bring.
Not to mention when your attention’s to textin’.
It would really help too if the aisles be kept clear,
A tip: Keep ’em underneath and not on the seats,
I do not want to stumble on that lovely scarf of yours that’s made of cashmere.

Whether you like me or not,
It does not matter and don’t care, really.
It’s not my business but would really appreciate it that you keep your voice down,
Need not hear your angry banter
With your ex-wife who ran away with another.

What about in the parking lot?
I was right behind you at the stoplight.
Now you’ve allotted that space for me, supposedly yours, nearest the train,
From my car when I alight.
I appreciate the gesture, you’re an Angel,
You never know how much you filled my heart with delight.

SO it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow,
For the sake of this poem, let’s start today, go with the flow,
Here are two balloons that are red,
Hopeful that this ‘kindness’ poem be our daily bread.