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I had to think of ways to cut down on expenses, so I thought of joining a carpool from Victorville to the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga train station.

I said that at the beginning of Year 2014, I will partake in carpooling/vanpooling. Signed up and registered.

After a couple of months waiting, I got a message from a lady who works at the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. She’s perfect, I thought. I wrote down her number on a piece of paper. I lost that paper – a few months after that. I never called her back.

I chickened out. I suddenly got cold feet. (Too bad, I wish I got cold cash instead).

Year 2015.

Still no carpool.
No vanpool.

Well, have you watched ‘America’s Most Wanted’ or those killers-hidden-amongst-us shows? Their profiles may surprise you. Very nice neighbors, always jolly and bring you cheer. But beware, their eyes on their prey. Your children they stalk, go ahead please and move away.


What if my vanmates don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze?
What if their music preference is unbearable?
What if all they do is yap, yap, and yap?
And all I want to do is blog, snooze and contemplate on the deeper meaning of life?