Did you get home safely last night? 

I did! 

But not ’til after being subjected to an almost two and a half hours of traffic!

It must be an omen, yesterday morning, that I had. 

On my way to Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink station, in front of me was a white pick-up truck with the words, SPILL, written at the back of the truck.

I thought, How odd for someone to have that on their vehicle. 

Little did I know that ‘something’ awaits me that evening. 

I couldn’t shake the feeling.. so before getting off the train last night, I checked the CHP incident log.

A Hazmat spill caused the I-15North to close ALL lanes. And a Sigalert had been issued. 

That happened in the morning.

I thought that by evening, I would have a breezy drive. 


It was a mess. Traffic was STILL horrible. 

Everywhere I look was bumper to bumper. 

Though no one was hurt in the incident, but I bet my hubby was. 

Cos by the time I got home, hungry and tired,

I was ‘Grumpy Bear’.

What are you lookin’ at?