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This tiny flower my child picked while walking along at the shopping center.

Fresh as the morning dew,
As I come out of the bathroom,
And into greeting the day.

Avoid rolling down the windows,
To keep fresh air in
And the smog out.


Have to sit away from everyone, I decided.
Shoot, have to put petrol in the car, I remembered.
Later, I thought.
A petrol handle’s one of the dirtiest things, next to a shopping cart,
that you will ever touch
, I recall my butler saying.

Isn’t that clicking sound, while someone’s texting on the phone, annoying to hear?
Why won’t they turn that off?
Question is,
Do they even know how?

Finally I can close my eyes.
Avoid all acquaintances and pleasantries.
Now is not my day,
I just want to sit and watch from a mile away.

Beware of the heavily-perfumed people.
Somewhere, they mask something.
An armpit they neglect to scrub,
Or a bad breath with no time to brush,
But definitely got time to put on make up.


Hope not any of them sit next to me,
Which could send me to a wheezing spree.

Hope to just enjoy the view…
Too late!
A friend comes over,
Who happen to know the lady sitting across me.

She introduces her and the lady smiles and reaches her hand out.

Should I take it?

I recall,

It’s the same hand, she used
Without a tissue, she sneezed on many times.