Good ‘Monday’ morning!

Traffic was flowing easy – until you get to the Cajon Pass Summit. 


Got time. I’ll still make my train. 


There was a sign just after the 138 (scales). 

Missed what it said. 

Big trucks blocking it while a car was right up my behind. 

My answer came when I saw the overhead highway signage for 215 and 15. 

New traffic configuration!!!

What there used to have a truck bypass – no longer there. 

Now, trucks are all over the lanes. 

Can’t really see what’s up ahead. 🙈

I’m in the wrong lane! But I kept thinking that I still have somewhere I can change lanes. 

Totally missed it!

I watched anxiously as the cars continued on to the I-15 where I should be. 

I calmed myself down. 

I’d exit at Devore, I decided. 

And I did. 

Too many distractions. A lot of cars parked on the side (probably from the construction workers) and signs around. 

I kept seeing signs for 215 (No, I don’t wanna go there). 

Victorville signs. No, not there, either. 

Glen Helen Parkway. 

I think I know that. 

Followed it. 

Went up a bridge. Then continued on to the road where all those cars you see when there’s a concert. 

Whew! Got back on I-15South. 

It’s already 7:21am. Got eight minutes before my train leaves. I’m no longer going to make it, I thought. (Scheduled departure is 7:29am). 

Just have to change lanes earlier for a wall separates the I-215 and I-15 split now. 

Tomorrow’s another day. 

*Sitting in the car – just realized I’m wearing bright blue shirt underneath this sheer black top on!**

Oh well! 

Like I said, tomorrow’s another day!