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Sweatshirt on as he looks out the window as we step in.
Clickety-clank of her lotion bottle
Sounding like a ball in a barrel,
As she pours it over her left hand.

Heels clicking as she goes past me,
Ooohh, looks like she got new shoes on.

Bloke wearing just a shirt
Tolerance for cold as high as his height,
Tapping my head seat as he walks by. Bag with metal buckles making a noise,
Perfect for drum sound effects.

A cough could be heard behind
As if letting me know she’s here alright.

Saw a black ‘n white plaid pattern go up the stairs,
Same time as the ‘Angelz’ man,
Who I know notices me and gives me a nod
With a faint smile.


It’s Monday.
First day of the week.

All the usual suspects are in.