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Traffic update:

Ranchero Rd on I-15 Southbound: Off ramp closed from April 13 – 17th 7:30 am – 3:30 pm

Ranchero Rd on I-15 Northbound: Off ramp closed from April 13 – 17th. No times were posted. Or maybe I missed it?

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s move on to my Friday madness.

For days, I’ve been reading that today is the day the crossover traffic begins!
Some say to fashion it after the one in San Diego.

I have no idea what it looks like.

All these traffic management jargons…

Because I’ve been watching the ‘Fringe’ all I could think of is ‘crossing over to the other side’ (another dimension).

I was beginning to dread this day.

Until this morning..

Finally! A video!

On Twitter, @Cajon Pass Rehab has one.

I’m sharing it here:

To view a video of a crossover lane, click below:

Crossover lane Youtube video

Nothing to fear.

Completely different to what I had in mind.

Just stay focused.

We can do this.

Just stay within reasonable suggested speed limits and we should all be fine, right?

Here’s what I-15 Southbound look nowadays…

Before the I-15 & I-215 split

Northbound looks like it has a new traffic pattern. 

A bypass lane?

Moving along…

After the split

It’s been five days with this new configuration. 

No longer can one change minds at the last second on which freeway to go on. Have to make up mind about two miles before. Otherwise, you’re stuck. 

Like I was last Monday. Able to get back on 15S thru Devore.    

Bridge over the I-215 Southbound


This is new?

Beautiful bridge columns!

Maybee this bee/bug on my windshield keep me company tonight. 

It’s earned its stripes! 😉

Happy Friday! 

Bee safe. 

 *Oh and my apologies to those who clicked the link on my last post about the ‘boinging boobies’. Sorry to disappoint. No, I don’t have the actual video*