Nothing really new, I saw, on my way to the train station today, on the I-15 South as the first day of the reversible freeway taking effect. 

There was traffic, for sure. It had all cleared up at Kenwood. 

By this time after passing through the wreck, I just thought I won’t make my train. I’ll keep my pace and not hurry. What’s the point?

Believe it or not, as I entered the Metrolink Rancho Cucamonga parking lot, people were waiting on the platform. 

The usual suspects. 

That means, the train still hadn’t come. 

As I had just put my gear into park, the train’s head came into view. 


Pulled my key from the car’s ignition, grabbed my phone and my bag. Shut the door. Clicked it locked. 

And ran!

As I went back to my now-woken up self, I just realized that I hadn’t displayed my parking permit out and forgot to stick my car’s new registration stickers out as well. 

I hope the police recognizes the car’s a regular and the permit IS IN there (if you look inside – just not displayed outside).  

Now I’m afraid the car’s gonna get towed away… Aaaarrrgh!!!