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Made it to Friday! 

It’s been colder and more windy making it even colder! 

I just had to wear a coat. What can I say? I was born tropical.

We’re already in May! You’re probably thinking. 

Well loookyy who got snow last night?

No, we didn’t. 
Folks in the mountains did. 

Snapshot Source

So, Big Bear had about three inches of snow overnight. 

Better than nothing, I suppose. 

Here are today’s morning commute snapshots:


Big, puffy clouds hopefully carrying some rain


These look really nice against the dark clouds – what are these officially called anyways? Power towers?

Accident on I-215 South

Thankfully, I don’t go that way. 

Or at least didn’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute changing lanes. 

No, these lanes don’t offer that anymore.