Walking to your car at night

Walking to your car at night

In these modern times with widespread technological use, mindless activities are rampant.

From watches that sync with smart phones and tablets that seem to do almost everything imaginable,

From available apps that range from counting your steps to checking your emails to blogging to watching your favorite shows, a lot can happen in between that you may not be aware of.

Take this for example:

Some time ago (back in my singleton life) in a party at my sister’s office, I got introduced to her co-workers.

One particular one that I met actually thought I had stalked him. The second I saw him, I told him I knew him already. Though I didn’t actually know his name, I told him I know where he lives, what he does in his spare time and what he does (NOT) wear, which school he went to and what he majored in.

Come to think of it, THAT actually does sound like I had followed him – for years!

It was just simple: We happened to have attended the same university – in the Philippines and I instantly recognized him on my way home one day walking everyday from work – here in America!

He’s lucky I am not a wacko 🙂

My point here is I could be that somebody who could be watching you.

Take that man, who you don’t notice, who’d been following you while you were walking down the dark alley while you were on your mobile phone with your friend gossiping?

Or while doing grocery shopping or in the mall, you may have not noticed this man holding a shopping basket passing you by with four items in it. Two hours later, there’s only one item left in it. You never notice him because you were busy taking selfies and texting incessantly.

Or suddenly finding yourself feeling the ‘creeps’ whilst talking to this never-before-seen man on the train?

What are you going to do?

I have had the opportunity to attend a Women’s Self-Defense class taught by no less than Dave Young, a nationally-recognized defense tactics trainer, held here in our very own town at The Victorville Taekwondo!


A hundred-minute class with simple-to-follow instructions and ‘scenarios’ where you find yourself in — leaving you with strategies ranging from verbal to physical, engaging moves which don’t really require one to be a ninja like Cynthia Rothrock or Amy Jo Johnson. (But it does help if you actually are one!)

The class tackles on real-life settings of everyday life. Here are a few:

What to do when someone does attack you?

What to do if someone suddenly strikes a conversation with your child? And they give you the creeps. 

What you can say to them and, more importantly, what your child can do if you’re not nearby. 

What to do if you find yourself at a train station at night walking to your car alone, or in a parking lot walking to your car alone at night?

Even tips on what you can do to protect yourself while running (for exercise) at night.

Key is AWARENESS. Pay attention.

I make it a point to at least know who the people are parked in the same place as I usually am and where they normally sit in the train and what cars they drive and their plate numbers. Most of the time, I’d like to keep close to them. Yes, they are my usual suspects.

I like to keep tabs on tall people, too. Especially helpful for a petite one like me. Navigating through the crowd when train gets delayed, it helps to know their faces so I can just follow where they go. 

That’s exactly what happened one time when the train’s changed platforms or just when you’re having one of those ‘on autopilot’ days. I saw this ‘familiar’ tall guy turn then just realized in the end that the train left from a different platform number than our usual place.

If you wear heels to work, keep sneakers in your bag. Apart from making it easy to run for the train, it’s easier to run from a potential trouble than when wearing heels.

If you see something suspicious whilst on the train, report it to the conductor.

It’s best to err on the caution side than be sorry in the end.

Aside from being aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts. Your gut feeling.
It could save your life. 


I believe there may be another class in the works in August or September. 

For information on the Dave Young’s Women’s Self-Defense classes, please call the Victorville Taekwondo at (760) 955-1119.