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As I have witnessed yesterday the agony of waiting among the long line of cars, I crept through traffic at the time. 

Left work early so I can enjoy my child’s performance in school – sadly, time allotted was not enough.

All had left.
Lights were turned off.
Parking lot’s almost empty.
Gone out the car with water stinging my eyes.
Hair lashing my hot face.
My child inside my hubby’s car waiting for me. 

While we were all geting emotional, my ever-comical toddler ‘broke’ the moment by shouting, “Pee!”

Rushed back to the school’s bathroom.

Afterwards, greeted by few remaining school staff, one I recognized as the principal, we stopped by to chat. His teacher, whom I only realized later on after, was all praises for my child, particularly for filling in for one who didn’t make the event. 

With the principal citing the promising future of my child with a phenomenal imagination, intensified by the teacher’s efforts by lending books above grade;

That small, maybe insignificant, moment for the teachers, is enough to make me mewl.

But enough mewling!

Today is not for the soft-heart.

Brave the freeways tonight.

Pack your COOLers (get it?).

Make your favorite playlist extra long.

Pack your blues, jazz, rock ‘n roll, or whatever gets you going.

Hoard good vibes all day.

Double up on those party socks and let’s get this party on the road!

**My butler teased me this morning that I look like a CHP officer with my slacks and tall boots on. 

I think he just gave me an idea for Halloween.