Seeing these bright spotlights
Under the bridge,
Suddenly reminded me of my mother country, the Philippines.  

That’s what they’re called.
That’s what I remember.

One by one.
Two by two.
These popular sizes usually bought
Purposes solely utilitarian – most of the time.

For school IDs, office IDs & passports,
Side profile with side plaits
Perfect for the college freshman so,
Get ready for your headshot coz this ain’t got Photoshop.

No smiling.
No hats.
Collared shirts worn preferred,
Never mind underneath is all shorts.

Sometime between lunch and siesta,
Walk across the street,
To where one Photo Me location
Right underneath the overpass train,

Where me and my friends used to go
Have our pictures taken.
Squeezed all six behind this curtain.
Too bad I don’t have any to show.
They’re probably in a chest hidden somewhere awaiting to be awakened, I’m certain.