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For days you feel like a balloon about to pop,
Or a volcano about to erupt,
Feel you’re on the edge & about to lose your blob?

  Feeling overloaded?

  Or life in knots and no direction?

Feel like things are getting pushed down your gob?
And in need of some ‘picking up’
Do some karate chop!

Smashing things, even science says,
Can lift spirits up.

The cry for a friend is abrupt,
Look and listen.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Look around you. A lot more are in direr circumstances.
Listen to what yourself is telling you.
Do something positive in lieu of feeling blue.

So many other colors to explore.
Red, orange, yellow,

Still feeling hollow?

Look closely, sometimes what makes one mellow fellow equals two Laffy Taffys in yellow. 

Green, Blue and Violet,

Break out that cassette,
And feel some moooves coming?
Bring out the guitar and I’ll do the singing er, humming!

You may not find the coveted pot of gold
At the end of the rainbow,
But looking at one (I mean the rainbow),
Doesn’t it leave you feeling great and not so low?

Give a random hug or smile,
(Ok, a smile – I don’t think I can just hug anybody either)
Whatever it is to make you loads better,
Do it. Seek it.

For this, too, shall pass.
As so everyone says
Tis true and no matter how juvenile it sounds,
I want someone, too, to hold my hand and pass on the laughing gas.