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There may be no day more apt to post this except on a Wednesday.

I have never been this excited since I wrote to Billy Joel.

Thinking my collection needed some sprucing up, I looked in iTunes.


For a couple of days now, I’ve been playing this song (on repeat – til I’ll be surfeited playing it) in my car driving along my Cajon Pass commute.


If you don’t like instrumentals, this is not for you. But please do give it a try. Listen to it. Close your eyes (when not driving along please). Feel the song.

Can you feel the hope lingering in the air?


Oh because I haven’t told you the song yet.

It’s this piece by the Piano Guys playing ‘Begin Again’.

Stumbled upon them while looking on iTunes (fastest way for me to get my music fix) which I tell you is not a very good experience buying from iTunes. It takes away that feeling of having a ‘physical’ thing to look at (for example, having the booklet to look at over and over that came with a music purchase).

Because I already love this song by Swiffer (as my husband calls her) and have had this song on repeat for weeks, I decided to ‘preview’ the piece.

I was drawn by the rich piano and violin playing combo. Though at first, I thought it was violin but turns out after reading their bio it’s actually a cello (no offense cello players! — blasted ears couldn’t tell the difference).


I used to love Taylor Swift’s songs (before she turned – I don’t know to what) then suddenly they don’t appeal to me anymore – well maybe a song or two – unlike before when I used to like all her songs!

I know I’ve got an entry about her song somewhere in my diary. I’m posting it next time when I find it.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, if you know the song’s lyrics (like I do – can’t you tell I love karaoke?), my favorite bits are especially when the cello comes in playing,


… You throw your head back laughing like a little kid..


Ahhh First time hearing that bit feels like I’ve died and gone to heaven!

Like that feeling coming home to the smell of fresh cooked rice (It’s a Filipino thing) — my second heaven.

I’m a believer in hope and second chances.

Just like commute-weary me, I long for the chance — for employers giving a “look again” not the she’s-been-too-long in-that-company-she-may-be-harder-to-train look.

Or having the chance to play my fingers out on the piano again (no matter how bad it sounds) instead of pounding them away on my computer keyboard.




Anyway, this song is perfect listening to in the train.

Watch the world go by while dreaming, wishing and hoping for a shot closer to home.

Like I said – second chances. Hope lingers.


New beginnings.

I’m ready.


So, I thought of looking them up on YouTube and found some more!

Here’s a YouTube video of the song, ‘Begin Again’:



Another good one to play especially while driving along Santa Monica Blvd…. preferably during sunset… ;-P



Sit back and relax.

*** Please click here for more of their YouTube videos.***

Love love these guys!