Backpack on
Headphones on
Had a chill attitude on
Something about you I couldn’t put my finger on.

Could it be that no eye contact you make?
Or the fact that you are tall?
Or you never talk when talked to?
Maybe you’re shy or socially averse?

Didn’t realise that it was you
Who passed me by.
Had I not seen the same lanky built.
The same walk that’s both quick and looks like you could do a split.

Same backpack
Same manner of wearing clothes
Dark shirt and a sweater draped on and dark low rise jeans.

Same dark blue loafer shoes on
Just like one of mine.
Same company ID dangling in your back pocket.
Dare not say your name.
As you’re tapping it on the machine.

Indeed something’s askew,
Looked again
And as if playing ‘spot the difference’ game,

Just like upon seeing the queen,
Without this on her,
I swear she could pass me by unnoticed,
Even if she posed like a lotus.

But I was always good at this game,

I knew then what you were missing…

Without it on you too,
It’s such a shame.