You see, like most bloggers are, I, too, am interested in photography.

This post every Friday will showcase pictures I have taken over the years.

I am not a professional and would welcome your inputs, comments, (wild and colorful) reactions.

They may be photos while I’m driving or as a (distracting and trying to be an unobtrusive) passenger.

I can name the feature: Friday’s Dashboard Photography or Forward Photography Friday (I think I like this).

Or while I’m walking along the streets. Thus, naming it: Friday Photo Walk

Or when I’m flying: Flying Foto Friday.

What if I am flying on the freeway? Would that be considered a driving or flying?

Or when I’m in the train….

Railroad Photos. Or Sidetracked! Ooohhh.. now that’s a nice blog name.

Or when I’m … oh you get the picture.

Hmmmm… what shall I name it then?

Sidetracked!:Forward Photography Friday

Well, I was at work and on my lunch break, I decided to go and take a walk around. Yes, it was HOT but I needed a walk. 

Here are my finds: 

Food truck Friday at the Pershing Square


What is this? A children’s playground? In Pershing Square?


Ah, yes it is!


Come and take a seat

Or seats!

Or stare at the wall art

Pink Fence

Uh-oh time to go back to reality. 

Bow – thank you


Hope enjoyed our walk.
Thank God It’s Friday!

See you all here next Friday!