My entry for the Photo Challenge…

According to the dictionary, Monochromatic, in general physics of moving particles, means having only one kinetic energy.

One example would be one billiard ball striking another.

These following pictures struck me.


Waiting for the train to depart

Capturing a rainbow


See the hand reflection on the right side?


Tunnel vision – or it’s just me?


Friends ‘signing’



Inside the subway station


Off the train

White tanks


Mountain View

Red and white tank


No, it’s not a parasol

Yep, this is me about to spend energy


Trains ‘railing’ on the news



It looks sooo inviting, isn’t it?


Especially on days like this – I want to break free!

I hear ya, girl! I know exactly how you feel


A hurried, harried day of parking



on a wet day

I swear I took my pills the day I took these following photos!


Wires like musical notes on a scale

Now, it’s up to you to keep the ball rolling…..