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Big changes here in LA…. from Ralph’s supermarket to Robinson’s May demolished to Macy’s then Target, to historical lofts being sold, to the Grand Central Market revamped. 

I’ll show you Broadway Street in Downtown Los Angeles (sorry not New York).  Not much changed around here. Heard a residential bldg is being planned on 4th and Broadway Sts., so I decided to look and walk around. 

Views along my two-block square radius…

Let’s start at the Pershing Square station where I normally get off:

Pershing Square station midday

Broad daylight! See the plane in the picture? Thought that was a nice touch. 

Along Broadway

Shadow cast from above

Artwork in LA

Another artwork

As you can see, Los Angeles is the hub of many artists. 

There’s even an art gallery opening soon!



Which is taller? Building or lamp post?

Grand Central Market

There was talk of a residential bldg to be built here… Doesn’t look promising now… but, you never know!

4th and Broadway

Just a few steps from that building is this stop. 

It’s very close to a subway station…

4th St Pershing Square station stop

You just never know. Maybe this will be my old stomping grounds in the future. Or this could be my future.

You just never know.