We always take for granted anything old and familiar – just like old furniture. You just forget they’re there.  

Or forgetting how to drive a car with manual transmission when you’ve always driven an automatic one. 

Today, I had the opportunity to drive one again. 

Last night, because, suddenly, one of my car’s headlamps wasn’t working and as hubby warmed up the car (as he always does) this morning and after checking everything else, this was his prognosis: 

Take my car because all the gauges in your car is off. 

No fuel gauge – I know I still have enough for today’s journey. 

Speedometer and odometer were not working. 

I beg to differ! 

He’s afraid that I may not realize I’m speeding and cops may flag me down and I’ll get a ticket – for speeding and another one for wonky headlamp. 

I could easily tell if I’m going past 80mph! How hard could it be?

I’ll just start to notice that I’m leaving everyone else behind – and some blue and red lights tailing right behind me!

Seriously, with my car, going past 80 mph would not go unnoticed. It would start convulsing, shaking terribly. I don’t think the car would lose that with a flick of a button. 

BUT he’s the car expert (and odd & familiar) – so I listened. 

So I took his car. 

Oh I was shaking when I first got in. Haven’t driven a manual in yearrrss! 

Despite my shaky knees and feet were, the car goes. 

Everything about it seem familiar and yet – not so. 

Volume knob was tiny. Had a hard time finding it with my hand. Not to mention changing gears with that same hand. 

“There’s a button on your wheel to turn the volume up.” Says my hubby – in my head!

Yes, I know! I shouted back!

 As I got myself familiar with it again, I forgot the hard work  – and pleasure settles in.

As with all pleasures, there is work. 

Yesterday, me and three of my co-workers joined the Public Safety Appreciation BBQ. It was actually just the bbq that we signed up for. 

For just ten dollars, you get:



Awesome ambience and company


Co-workers you can count on




Oh and prizes!!!


Or at least the opportunity to win one!
…. And you know what?

Working in downtown LA for almost sixteen years, it’s not too bad with the old and familiar….(sometimes!)