Doing the same things, working everyday and driving everyday, commuting everyday – takes a toll. 

So this last July, we had stopped work and went to England. 

On our way down to Cornwall, we had a stop over at Glastonbury and stayed here a couple nights. 

Visited the Glastonbury Abbey, a place of many retreats. 

A place to reflect on life. 


Aaaahhh…. Allow your eyes to wander on its green vastness. Such a feast. 


Except that my kids just want to run around like they’ve been caged all their life!



The place where we stayed in – The Flying Dragon’s Nest – was heavenly, as well. 

It’s got the best view of the town. 


See if you can spot Tesco


Blending in with the locals


… And of course – these treats…. 

Pictures courtesy of hubby when I was ‘craving’ something sweet. I was too tired to come out of our flat.  

So he took these pictures and I couldn’t make up my mind. So he got one of each.   




Fish n Chips

Treat and ReTreat. 

Something you want to give yourself over and over.