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A pig’s poo comes splaterring around my face

Jubilee kicked in

It was state fair and these pigs poo alright

But never in a million years land on someone’s face!

Then as I wandered around, I came upon this so-called Tree of Life

Where its bark had notches for feet to climb on

‘Cabins’ to rest in and even saw this UPS guy deliver a man’s package.

I gave in to temptation and climbed this magnificent, shady tree

Where I could hear people already snoring.

Thought I heard someone banging on the door many times

Couldn’t ignore it any longer,

Woken up to find out it was only the wind wildly blowing,

And to realize a pig just pood on my face!

*Could these dreams of being lucky be brought on by witnessing two shooting stars on my way home on the Cajon Pass last night?*