Looking in the map as I wonder where to eat one lunch time, I decided to go to Nickel Diner. Located at 524 S. Main St.  It had wonderful reviews.

Main Street. Riiight. I’ve never walked past Broadway St. My tracks stop there.

I think Broadway is dodgy enough for me so to venture beyond – alone – was scary.

Walking past Spring St. was a feat. Breathing in deeply as I puffed my chest up ready to pounce on someone who dare go near. Looking intently on people as I pass by… hoping fear not mirror itself.

Uh-oh. Loads of homeless having fun on the street. Do I just go back and forget about it? I asked myself.

Cracking my knuckles and clearing my throat (checking if scream need be) as I walk past them.

Seeing the sign across the street was relief.

Thank God, a crosswalk not far ahead.

Upon Entering…

My server who was friendly and fast.

What I had – Of course, a nickel burger with fries.  


He said it was chocolate donut. So I got it. Tasted tiramisu though.

Yum nonetheless!

On my way back, I spotted this.


Clearly, I have been living under a rock. Or I’ve been in jail. All sixteen years working in downtown and I do not know about this?


Next Day…


Honestly, who couldn’t resist records?

And books?

View from Upstairs…

Moving along


These guys only came in when I came out if it alive!

An artist’s home decor
Took pictures of their art gallery only to realize later on that photo-taking isprohibited.

I’ll sit and rest here while my WP app catches up…