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Because I can’t get enough of the Pic Sketch app, I tried another one which is the Photo Sketch. It has some tint of colour which was a bonus. 

Here are some more photos of mine converted to sketch through thr app. 

Would they still be considered mine? My art? 

Los Angeles River (on board Metrolink train) in three different textures.     

Original photo

At the Haynes International Motor Museum   

Ferrari 250GT

 Along Kilburn High Street  

Along High Street in Glastonbury  

  St. Ives at low tide  

They say,

Give someone a brush, they will paint. Give someone a screwdriver, they will change how things work. 

Actually I just said that. Nobody really said it. 😛

Here she is again, reading a manual on How to Change the World When You’re Three.

It’s actually one of Ludlum’s books, I think, translated in German.

Driving down the Cajon Pass was crazy this morning and missed my usual train and the next one too. A Sig Alert was issued. 

We were crawling. 

Taken just this morning


Worth it just to see this, though. 

Oh and finally me – sketchified. 

Celebrating with David Bowie and Elvis Presley