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Scene One

Along the freeway, a car’s got its right turn signal on – 
Then turns left. 

Scene Two

“Hello there!” He says while looking straight at me. 

Hmmm..do I know him?
I ask myself quietly. Maybe he was introduced by someone I know sometime ago? 

“Come and sit here.” He smiles while picking his things up from the seat next to his. 

Slowly moving,


I thought of the people I talk to in the train..

Suddenly bursting from behind me – a guy (clearly was pleased to see him) and immediately sat next to him. 

Scene Three

Along the Los Angeles Union Station corridor:

A few feet from the platform entrance 7B, a crowd has gathered ’round the Customer Agent of Metrolink. 

Red letters flashing on the signage, “All San Bernardino trains delayed up to 60 minutes because of signal issues.”

Lady agent shouts, “The next San Bernardino train will be in 10 minutes.”

Turns out, she mean train is on platform 10B. 

Last Scene

A child barely five years old, sees a pal who lives on the same street as hers, looking out, her chin resting on the ornate balusters of the school’s corridor, she smacks her bottom. 

Pal turned. 

Not her pal after all.