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Be careful with what you say. Kids are such copycats. -Me

Yes, we all know that. 

So, what do you say after this? 
Let me guess the letters…

You ordered a package and it arrived on time – looking like this:


Content was in fine condition, surprisingly. 

Driving along happily then this thing parked in front of your car – and no one would give way when you try to change lanes. 

Being stuck in this traffic jam of a lifetime:



One fine car


It’s ok, you can say the letters here. It’s safe. 


Now, I’m sure this is a very fine school. But I had to look twice and see if I am reading it right. 

When my son was three, I started to teach him how to write his name. Here’s what he came up with:


Think the Chinese blood in me is flowing strong in him.

Practicing his calligraphy, perhaps?

What about my hubby? 

Sure, he’s got some Chinese blood in him too!

After a few weeks apart one time – in between our move to another state, this is his welcome home:

Doesn’t it bear resemblance to this character sky?

 Except for that bit down there?

🎧  Now I know my ABCs, let’s all stop this profanity …  🎧