Staring blankly ahead with both hands on wheel

Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ playing,

Thought I heard John Mayer’s guitar in the song’s beginning?

Wait; did this truck just got in my lane and did a steal?

Right side full, left side too fast

Ahead I wanted to fly past

Difficult for my ‘debutante’ car to do a swish

So I guess I wait for the right moment and decide not to go noirish

Then, truck in front of me just changed lanes and went back to its rightful place.

Hoping to go from zero to sixty,
Nah, the black Beemer who’s got its eyes fixed on the space,

Swooped in

Much to my chagrin 

Can’t do any tantrum throwing especially I missed today’s tiffin 

So therein, all I could do is shake my noggin.

*Something I’ve written sometime  in March last year and completely forgotten in my draft folder.*