Getting off the train in Union Station and walking to the subway, where a big crowd has gathered, an announcement came on that the Red Line has completely shut down.

Upon hearing that, I immediately went back up and out to the bus depot where more people were waiting.

How am I going to work now?, I thought.

I don’t want to be late again especially with this crowd waiting for the same bus. By the time I get to be squeezed (and shoved) in one, it’ll be too late, I thought.

So, I decided to take Uber. A few people I know take Uber regularly and has no complaints, so far.

Opened my app and requested a pick-up. Driver’s name and picture shown and so was his car’s make and license plate number.

Because I’m a diva, I wanted to be the only passenger in the car. It’ll cost me $8.

Ok. A bit much but I’m pressed for time.

App says he’s eight minutes away.

So far, so good.

It’s my first time, you see.

Seems twenty minutes later, nothing.

Looking into the app, thinking maybe I have done something wrong, I decide to cancel the trip.

Notification says that if I cancel the trip and has been waiting for more than five minutes, I will be charged for the trip.

So I wait.

Another five, I press the cancel trip again. I’m reminded again of the charge.

Fine! I wait some more!

Messaged the driver telling him I’m in a green and white dress (maybe that’ll make him get here faster)

Nothing. App says he’s unavailable thru text.

Thank goodness for that. I was so dumb sending that text, anyway.

Called the driver. He didn’t pick up.

Moments later, got a notification that driver cancelled the trip.


Uber offered that I may take the “black car” if I’d want to be an uber diva – for the price of $40.

Uh, no, I’m not a diva, after all.

I decided to be uber-friendly and requested to uber-pool — for the price of $4.. I’ll be ubering with Maria, who, happens to be standing right next to me, as we both found out when our ride came.

For about 1.2 miles, fifteen minutes and four dollars later, I was in the office.


I may just do this again, next time I get stuck.  

This morning, I got an email from Uber congratulating me on my first Uber ride.

So now, I would like to invite you all to avail of this free $15 off your first ride on Uber.

And it’s on me!

Just use either codes: maiw110ue


Happy Ubering!

Uber has food delivery as well, if interested in becoming a driver, copy and paste this link on your browser: