After a slight delay yesterday, today I decided to leave the house earlier.

Still dark and a bit windy.

Freeway wide open.

Until I hit the scales.

Very slow.

Could it be because it’s started to drizzle?


I-15 South

Maybe the fog?

I wonder…

It couldn’t have been an accident because we are still moving – at just a snail’s pace.

Better than not, I guess. 

Passing the Kenwood Exit sign, another sign says,

New Traffic Pattern

How new could it be? Is this sign even new?

I was in the rightmost lane and trucks were blocking my view.

As I drive out from the truck lane

So I came out of hiding and into the new view.

And this is what greeted me:

Switched lanes!

Well, thank God, I came out of my hiding!!!

I-15 South Los Angeles/ San Diego is on the left lanes.

I-215 South San Bernardino/Riverside on the right.

I could have ended up in Riverside!

Then I would have to get to the nearest exit to get back.

Like these guys heading to Glen Helen Parkway exit.

Glen Helen Parkway

Buut I didn’t.

Because I was paying attention (this time) and,

Because I trusted the guys who put these freeway signs up.

(Although for a second, I thought someone must be joking. – and it’s not April Fool’s yet – and IT IS NOT FUNNY!)

…And that would explain the long lines I saw on the opposite direction last night going home as I was going up the Summit…