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Driverless car technology
Google, Uber, Lyft
Even trucks, no drivers no biggie
In front of lawmakers as they lobby.

Who to give the finger?
Who to curse at, yell at
Blame at for ruining your day?
Let these thoughts linger.

Tires blown
Car on fire
Highway pit stops empty
Leapfrogging away and gone.

Who could help when in the middle of nowhere?

Trucks passing 24/7
Scary thoughts run through
As our reality will change
When all these things leaven. 

Why discourage text and drive
When every resource gunning driverless?

I don’t understand.




This post inspired by the news I have read today, fueled even more with the other day’s headline.

Oh and the title inspired by the OpenAI (spelled backwards — Siri cannot spell correctly yet).