One day, mommy came to school
Took her time walking along the alley of shops
Seeing Faces of Gringotts and School of Clock.

She came ’round half past three,
But because it’s a Friday it was empty.

“Oh no, I missed him!” said Mommy.
And she knew exactly what to do.

Rushing back to the School of Clock and got one tiny clock in her hands,
“Just a quarter back,” she says to herself as she turns it with The Key, now getting heavier than ever, “should be enough to give Him time”

Mommy laughed. Thought that was funny.

He is in training after all.

Going back the same route, retracing her steps, suddenly a little resto appeared.

“Clever!” Mommy thought.

A hole in the wall.

And there he was inside, grinning,

Father Time in training.

*** This came to me this morning. I found three versions of my son in my dream. The present that I forgot, The past all happy, and The future – relieved.
And I was just glad I found them all.***