I have never dared to venture outside.
I have never dared to go out alone and walk on my own.
I have never dared to wear short shorts.
Until…. there was Pokemon Go!

It may be hot, or even windy,
Bagon, Steelix, Gastly,
Oh and Mewtwo, Gible and Zapdos, Iuga, and a lot more I may not be able to pronounce,

Never mind all the obstacles,
Or that I miss my train or get a scrape here and there.
Or that time I climbed over a car to catch Pikachu.

As long as I get my ball of glee.

Do you think I’ll catch another when I need to pee?

**These are my typical conversations lately with people I meet. Although, I, myself don’t play it, I’m just amazed at how much this craze had become so popular**