You were the first fruit of our union.
You were even there when our first child was born.
Carried us all home safely
Ever so carefully and gently.

When we decided to venture out of California,
You never hesitated and took us all along.
Little did we know we could actually still drive in the snow and
Flattened moving boxes came in handy when
It was time to drive in when outside was icy.

We relied on you for many, many years.
Took us back and forth, back and forth, to and from the train station.
You never seemed to mind the cycle,
Took for granted the leaks beginning
As long as you sounded good to our ears whizzing.

Remember that night when your charge was low?
Radio, windows and all lights were no show?
Til you gave it all and we stopped
On the shoulder, cop found us Triple A-less and, unfortunately, also penniless.

Driven by his deep care for humans in need
I think it was actually my son’s need to pee he’d had to heed,
With the wheel barely moving,
‘Twas decided we get pushed to nearest exit where McDonald’s was close by.

Saved us four hundred bucks
When we thought we were just out of luck.

Remember the parades we so envied and vowed to join?

Off to a convention!

Endless stream of faceless hellos
Thus the birth of “The Queen Wave” coined?

Well wishers

What about that time we had twelve empty stackable containers from Costco?
How to lug them home in such small space?

We’ve moved tall cypress evergreens
Even speakers wide and heavy
Still managed to take them in
You lean, mean, red machine!

One solution we always came up with
Chuck me in the back and
Pray ever so hard police won’t see my face!

I’m always IT!

Many, many memories shared
Cries and singing
Even stickers from it
You never were spared.

And so when your engine blew out

I understand we all lose our tops sometimes.

Though, at least for a while, you’ll be out of commission,
Never fear for the miracle worker can rebuild and bring you out of this dissolution.

In one of its not so graceful moments