And it started with one hello.

Something is going on in the subway train. 
Someone says something, you’d look and think someone’s talking to you.

With earphones still on, someone continue talking, completely oblivious of me staring.
This is the subway – there is no cell phone reception here,
Who is he talking to?

Is he crazy? I continue to look at the guy, completely assessing him from head to foot, before dismissing him as a cuckoo head or maybe he’s using walkie-talkie app. I don’t know and I couldn’t tell. 

Is this just a way of getting attention nowadays?
Is this for real or are you pranking me?

Then more and more people are talking on their phones while in the subway.
Gosh, people really are losing it in Los Angeles, I thought.

And then, just the other day, while waiting for the subway train…

My cell phone phone rang.

I, then, realized there is now reception in the (underground) subway train.