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As we bid Year 2016 adieu, let us remember and look back on all (or maybe not all) as we do tend to forget (or repress?) awful memories.

Yes, awful, but significant ones that will help us correct mistakes, predict the future, plan ahead, but most importantly, help us heal.

Dust off the tired shelves of hate, hostilities and, sometimes, detrimental emotions.

Free and rid our minds of unpleasant feelings, be it at work or personal affairs, that had left us feel empty.

It is not an easy road but we need to take it.

Somehow, we got to stop doing it to ourselves.

We will have choices and we will make bad ones that will make us cry.

Things will seem fuzzy and confusing,

And seem never ending.

Allow those winds of change to sway you in the right direction.

Open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.

Let us start anew as we welcome the New Year, Year 2017, with a refreshed, renewed faith and hope that things will be better this time.

Start with one’s self.

We’ve got a road to clear.

Happy New Year!