Creeping millimeter by millimeter, weren’t we, today?
Bumper to bumper braved the collision after another collision. 
Wailing sirens both police and ambulance,
One elevated call, that’s all it took to make way for assistance.

Ambulance working its way through

Pic taken from my side mirror – a fire engine trying to make its way to the emergency lane

Never mind the people who mock me
I guess I gave too much of a whine
When really all I should
Do is down all the wine.

Think back on what we’ve been through,
Eighty five miles back and forth
The snow, ice and sleet, fires and the searing heat.
High and low winds,
Knots in tummies (sometimes causing winds inside of us, too)
Yes talk of such unforgiving elements!
Who could forget that thought-would-never-end Cajon Crawl?
And now this, the covering of the sinkhole!

I guess what I’m saying is the sun is shining and my glasses are broken. 

But life goes on.