All my no-hassle days lead up to this day.
Woke up late, hurrying to blow dry my hair.
Donated those nine inch locks, thankfully.
Drove in a bit of a hurry, one can only go so fast.

With only a minute to spare before the train starts to roll in, I parked my car. Glanced at the platform and no people. Then I saw some heads moving – on to the other platform!

Running like I have never ran before. Like my life (and face) depended on it. Imagine the shame I have to face for running with my hair flying and my poise gone?

Down the stairs I go. Then up again. Up again one more time. Then, the final lap to the train. 

Imagining this was a marathon (wherein I had the slightest chance of winning). 

Noticed people have gone in many seconds ago. Just a few more steps… 

Then I trip. 

Just like those you see on the TV. 

Slooow motion.

Tripped on a bag the lady dropped while walking.


Got up.

Got on the train.