After being revived just last spring
Paint coat gleaming with a good wash cleaning
A few months we were together
Here you are again, back to hubby’s body shop again, just when I thought it’s over.

So now when I put my foot down on the clutch,
But the clutch was nowhere to be found.
Put my hand in the ignition key,
And the ignition key was nowhere to be found!

After I managed to find my way around,
Instead, a stick that formed a somewhat straight line,
Park to drive to reverse, I found
“Performing” hashtags has been a titillating habit of mine.

From the first gear perfectly timed to line down to second gear, then
Fluidly going up to third easing into fourth then resting on fifth for the final stroke.
Fervently praying not to get stuck in traffic for a cramp be imminent,
Oh no! And definitely Not that again, that crazy driver bloke!

From manual to automatic
Driving strokes I sorely will miss.
Suddenly my hands had nothing to do.
After a few moments, I do realize that driving an automatic could be pure bliss.