I woke up and got in the shower.
Meditating while in it,
Thinking about life
Thinking about some whys.

Breakfast laid out and ready,
Prepared dearly by my hubby.
Then call of work beckons
All thoughts of love banish instantly.

Driving through the freeway,
The same one everyday for the last eight years.
The same route, waiting at the same stop lights.
Getting into the train,
Seeing familiar faces
Fortunately(?), the same ones everyday.

Getting into traffic,
The same one just about – well, everyday.

Every one’s a humdrum.
None of the conundrum.

Even the same job for the last almost twenty years!

Until yesterday, I slipped that disc into that sliver opening – a long forgotten gap. 

It ate it with such vigorous longing.

Like a fresh coat of paint,
Bright yellow on an old plank if wood.
Breathing seems easier despite today’s grayness.
Like freshly laundered bed linens and you’d want to dream again.

Like momma’s quotes of ain’t,
Hearing them again from a tongue you’d never spoken before.

Music sure does this to me.
Never fails.
Like falling in love again,
Giggling and glowing.

And all’s well again

And that’s all that mattered.