She knew she took those pills too late. 

She knew she would be hearing from her mom saying I told you so.

Suddenly, she thought of Greg, son of her Dad’s colleague’s father-in-law, whom she rejected and just died of a heart attack recently. 

She was so sorry and felt it was her fault somehow.

She thought of her life, how incomplete she feels now nearing her mid-forties. Will marrying make me happy? 

What about kids? 

Oh, she adored kids especially this one girl in this class she’s been teaching in. How her eyes grew big showing her how to make bubble fire with bursts of hydrogen.

Suddenly, she thought of that guy, in the corner street, whom she sees everyday and wonder what his name was and if he fancies her too.

She’ll never know.

And she sighed and said a prayer.

As this is the last thing she saw.