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Is it better not seeing you?

Is it better not knowing where you were?

Is it better not to be glancing and looking at you in the eye?

Is it better not knowing your name?

Is it better thinking everything’s still going to be the same?

What does it mean, another year beginning ?

Different result, what to gain?

Is it better just trusting

Destiny to name its game?

It is, sometimes, true that ignorance is bliss.

What if I didn’t know what I missed?

Dreaming about it, yet

I may have had it already for breakfast or

lunch or dinner, for that matter!

Do I need to count to ten every time I take a deep breath?

Truly, what’s being said here is be thankful we still have each other.

A roof on our heads, a car to take us anywhere we like.

Thankful we are alive and not dead,

Food to eat and for all that, we should be psyched!

To take a few minutes each day to consider

Blessings of everyday given on one another.

It’s the little things that matter, the mundane

things and instances that reveal itself, come

unwrapped yet give so much joy when realised

and accepted.

Changing the empty toilet roll, picking up

laundry, or just a “How was your day?” could

go far.

It’s not too much to ask for, come to think about it.

But it’ll do wonders to your mind and

perspective, I bet if you just have to believe,

though I know some of you consider this

“preaching” a pet peeve.