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Red orange skies

Swirly clouds as if mixing and

Paving way for the upcoming show tonight,

But with the moon nowhere in sight.

Freeway signs warning of gusty winds down the Pass,

I felt no gust nor breeze.

It’s probably an old sign from the day before

Which had been forgotten and ignored.

Outward display of things to come

Did you know that this hasn’t happened since 1982?

A “cosmic trifecta of a supermoon” is what the Nat Geo calls it.

Not one or two but three(!) to outdo.

Thirty five years in the making, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse. Nowhere on Earth has this been surpassed (not a fib).

Did you know, too, that this is a first to be seen

in one hundred fifty years in the Americas?

So, look up and watch out for this showy moon to begin and carry through completion,

This is a fact, not fiction.

Prepare and get your gears ready.

While I, for sure, will be looking up occasionally,

Driving down the Cajon Pass

With accelerator and brakes at the steady.