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Note: The following post contains foul language. May not be suitable for sensitive readers.

Come and let it rain down on me

Flush weary

Wash out anger

Extinguish the intense burning of madness

Diffuse the weapon that builds up with each encounter of every blockhead, bonehead, dumbass, fuckhead, knucklehead, muttonhead, and shithead. (Feel free to insert your own expletive here.) Trust me, you’ll feel better.

Slip the work-averse to activity,

Rinse my middle finger that seems to be always on the go.

Away the worries and slow hurry.

Drench me with renewed strength

Corner me in puddles of play and happiness

Splash me with colors of hope and joy

Reward me with rainbows and unicorns, not the obtuse.

Dip me in wells of understanding and

Grant me buckets of forbearance.

Please, I humbly ask thee.


I knew it was going to rain last Friday. Forecast says though only 48%. So I thought, nah, it’ll just be a passing sprinkle. Rain didn’t come down hard. It was a sprinkle but a continuous one. One that when you get caught in it (long enough) will drench you – eventually. And that’s exactly what happened to me. Didn’t bring any brolly nor a raincoat. Just a thin scarf over my head. When the gentle rain just won’t stop, it almost felt like spiritual. A cleansing of some sort.

This was last Friday on the commute home.