I had a dream.

And according to it, I have a problem. I don’t know what it is, it hasn’t come to conscious level yet, but it seems like I need to get somewhere. A change of where I am now.


So, my dream presented me with three options.

Option number one. To get to the place I want to be in, I swing from the highest coconut tree with the longest branch. Seems easy enough. I have swung from a tree to another tree (just like Tarzan), but this was from when I was a kid. I don’t know about now. I haven’t climbed a tree in years. Let alone a coconut tree. I don’t know why a coconut tree, I guess it’s what’s abundant in the Philippines (country I came from).

I could get to the other side by swinging but there is a risk. A huge gap between one side to another. A sure thing if I make it. If I don’t, I fall to my death.

I liked it at first (because it seemed fun) but when presented with death as an option, I hesitated. Could it be a confidence problem?

Option number two. There are several routes to choose from. But one thing I’ve noticed is that many, many people line up for these routes. All routes, if I recall. Strangest thing, the people in line look the same. Huh, what do you make of that?

Now, I think my brain looked for another one since the option of queueing and following like sheep did not appeal to me.

Option number three. I found a way to get “there”. It was long but winding. Fewer, much less people in this road. I saw a long road where, up ahead, some part of the road had sunken in water. Very little land appears above. But there is land. If and if you get through it, a winding road goes further. Up above. Oh and people I’ll be “walking” (no car required) with seem to be “primitives”. No clothes on. Just a thong. And all men. Big men. Like giants. But no clothes on.

I woke up after this. I was disoriented when I awoke. It took me a while to realize the day and time.

How crazy is this for a spring special?

Which road to take?