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Yesterday on my commute, I was on the edge with emotions, anger mostly, when traffic slowed down (actually stopped) because they wanted to check out crash on the other side of the freeway! Ugh!

When I missed the train by shorter than a minute, I say less because I had just parked and I just saw the half end tail of it as it rolled away. By this time, I was in tears. My knees were shaking from driving trying to make it. I guess you could say adrenaline was pumping.

The toxic kind.

Helplessness settled in.

Listened to some music, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” to calm me down while looking at photos of my loved ones on my phone.

I calmed down.

Evening commute home was the same slooow one. But I was in no hurry. Of course, I’d love to get home sooner but I have no train to catch this time.

Just the thought I’d be home is enough.

And all is well again.

Especially it’s Friiiiidaaaayyyyy today! Can you hear me screammm?