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As I was running (as if for my life) for the train this morning as I was just a few feet away from the door as it closes and hearing the brakes releasing as the wheels start to turn, I just missed the already-late-by-two-minutes train.

Come to think of it, I already missed it by two minutes had it been on time. But on this occasion when the opportunity to be on time presented itself, I zoomed into the parking lot, as I saw the train crossing the bridge above me. And from experience, I always make the train if I had already passed this crossing which I have.

With my heart beating so hard, I could feel it pounding as if trying to out-beat my white-sneakered feet. (You know how in a tight race between two runners, that if any body part of a runner’s touches the finish line ribbon first, that runner is the winner.) Despite my knees and hands shaking from the dread and encroaching possibility of being tardy, I ran and ran losing all poise (I have yet to try running with hot coffee on hand – not! Though I am always amazed seeing people do it – and fail!) and trying to keep my cardigan on from falling off my shoulders followed by my hair blinding me from winning.

It is such a good day today not to be tardy, that’s all.

I had a very good long lunch out with a friend yesterday that left me feeling much better afterwards.

As I sit in the car now, blasting Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons, pondering about the opportunities that presented themselves but never gave them a chance or never thought about it as an opportunity, had I been zooming for the wrong things?

Had I been racing at the wrong race this whole time?

Had I been so patient for the wrong reasons?

Had I been looking in the wrong direction and suddenly finding myself about to crash at a wall I unintentionally built?

Had I been on time for the wrong occasions?

And too late for the right ones?