It has been a year since your passing
And every day you don’t know what you could be missing.
Do you think you could come back, stay a while
and send me a much-needed smile?

Funny how things ended
Though you always tell me carpe diem.
Mind you I tried, but physical strength is much needed,
More like please let it be heaven-sent.

Whenever I think of our conversations,
Tales of finding love at seventy plus!
Sheesh it’s just a number!
What you were really after here were the ooohs and aahs.

Someone who listens.
Someone who cares.
Someone who sends money,
Oh, wait that’s your sister!
Who, I think, had been jealous of our relationship even in your ever after.

Imagine that!
If you were alive, you would not allow that.
Maybe that’s why you’ve kept your distance
Intuitively knowing she could be like that.

I have never been the same.
Felt the void being replaced only by anger.
I know I shouldn’t be because you’re
with your honey now.
Enjoying exploring our majestic Mindanao.

So, cheers to your first year in Jewish heaven,
And happy birthday from me here clad in reflection.
As I go through the day thinking about you,
I light up a candle as you peep through the clouds along with the breath you drew.